Welcome to Craig Phillips Pty Ltd or as we like to call it CPPL (pronounced see people).
Over the last 30 years I have worked in Information Technology roles with a consistent focus on bringing new easy to use technologies and processes to clients. From the early 1980's working with industry luminaries instilled in me a passion for bringing change to businesses through technology.
Today I work with a very talented team of contract application, backend and front-end developers, content and support staff to realise our clients projects while supporting them on an on-going basis.
Our projects span the entire stack from iOS apps, through to back-end CMS extensions and themes and AWS Cloud and server integrations.

Craig Phillips — Director — CraigPhillips.biz

Our Philosophy

We like to work with our clients and our staff on a personal basis. If we can't meet you it makes it hard for us to judge the project you want us to undertake!
We take the same approach to people in our team, we do our briefings in person, so we're clear on the directions each team member is taking with every project.
By taking this personal approach we are able to establish a common language about your project, in fact we create a project dictionary of the key domains of your project so that we all have the same understanding.
The team we put together to build your app has to include you, with you on the team as the product owner we can deliver a result that meets and exceeds expectations.
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