Last Updated: 29 June 2018

Our commitment to your privacy.

At CPPL, respect and trust means everything to us. That’s why we respect your privacy and protect it with strong encryption, strict policies and only using services that match our requirements. Our policies and our suppliers policies govern how all data is handled.

Security and privacy are fundamental to the way we design all of our software and services we provide to our clients. For example, all of our websites use and require HTTPS as a simple starting point.

Every product we build will always tell you why any personal data is needed. When we do ask for your data, it’s to enable the software to provide you with a better user experience.

This page is setup to explain how we handle your personal information, what we do and don’t collect, and why. This page will be updated whenever there are significant changes to our policies.

Our business model is very straightforward: we help clients make great software and we make great software. We don’t profile users of our websites, software or services based on your app usage, email content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers. We don’t “monetise” your information. Our software and services are designed to make our users lives and clients businesses better. Plain and simple.

Websites and cookies

One of our websites, The Sum of It does serve advertising, and that’s the only one. We do have a presence on GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter — some of which serve ads and employ user tracking.

Our websites contain links to other websites and services, apart from those mentioned above, and they may use tracking systems and cookies — unfortunately there is nothing we can do about them.

Our websites use cookies, to provide a better experience and enable certain services (like support services, client login and sessions management). We don't share those cookies or user accounts with any of our three primary websites — CPPL (this one), See People Software or The Sum Of It, nor do we share them with any of the social media services mentioned above.


To date none of our apps provide information directly to us. We do receive crash logs via Apple's developer tools including App Analytics and App Store Connect but all data is anonymised before Apple sends it to us.

Our Apps whether purchased or downloaded for free from Apple's iOS or macOS App Stores are only reported as numbers to us. We do not receive any details about you from Apple.

Mobile Ads

We looked at ads, and even implemented Google's AdMob service and then decided we didn't like what it meant for our users so we removed it from our apps before they went live in the App Store.


All data you enter into our Apps is stored on your device or where enabled in your iCloud account. We do not have access to it. We do not share it with third parties.

Some Apps use third party sources for data, usually accessed via web interfaces. When requesting data from those services our Apps do not share any of your personal or device information with the request. Due to the nature of some services the requests will include some generic information.

An example is Sunrise Times which looks up the sunrise time for a particular date and location that you requested. In that case a request is made of the Sunrise-Sunset.org website that contains the longitude and latitude of the location you specified and the date of the sunrise you’re interested in.

No other data is added to that request, we don't include device identifiers or user identifiers.


All data you enter into our Apps is stored on your device or where enabled in your iCloud account. We do not have access to it. We do not share it with third parties.

Newsletter/Mailing list

If you subscribe to our newsletters we collect an email address and your name, which is managed by MailChimp. Our newsletter/mailing list is not for sale to anyone, nor is it shared with other businesses. In fact we don't even share users details amongst our three websites, so, if you want to get news from See People Software or The Sum of It you will have to sign up on those websites.

Our commitment to protecting your privacy comes from a belief that privacy is a fundamental human right. We know in today's world trust doesn’t come easy, that’s why with your personal details we'll do our best to earn and keep it.

Craig Phillips



From time to time this Privacy Policy will be updated to reflect changes in our services and the regulatory environment.

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